Big Surprise :) İt is a cute plugin to “WordPress”

Big Surprise” is a “WordPress” plugin

Big Surprise” is a small “wordpress plugin” which is writed with a simple language. With this plugin you can’t make big big things but however it’s ideal for a sweety beginning. The cause of not be beta version is that the possibility of developing this sweety thing being spent a little time.

Now, let’s come to small explanation, you can want to make a surprise one of your members and want to separate the one edge of the page with a private thing belonging to him/her. (For the present I chose this private thing as a picture, a picture only she can see!) If you want that, you can make real that with this small thing… The thing what you have to make is only to arrange plugin the name of the person you see him/her as “lucky” and the other information opening with a simple organizer like “notepad, notepad ++ or others webmaster’s program“. When the procedure of organizer is done and the plugin is actuated, a sentence like “Big Surprise 🙂 ” appears on the web page. When the “lucky” person entry, this sentence which can seen by everyone changes but in a way that only she/he can see. Thus you can make a tiny surprise with a bit of curiosity and waiting. Certainly, everything isn’t limited like that! Think of the space which have to used. You can make drawing on the web page and explain the results like that. You can put a small note and show someone diversity when the person who is desired entries for meeting with this plugin.

How can i use this plugin?

  • İt is so easy. At the first, u must download this plugin. (Download button is the end of the this writing.)
  • Open the “” folder and let go to “big_surprise.php“, open it(with “notepad, notepad ++” or others webmaster’s program) and change your settings.
  • When organized this settings, u must send “bigsurprise” folder to your server in wp-content/plugins/ index with your ftp programs.
  • Go to admin panel->plugins and active plugin.
  • When the actived plugins, u must enter this code in your theme:

<img src=”<?php big_surprise(); ?>”>


So why did u write tis little plugin?

It is created for a friend who dreamed of giving the members gift by lottary drawing and make them feel the excitement of it as it happens in lottery system for the members logged in.

Use it as u like.

Big Surprise :)

Thank u for used it 🙂

IF U LİKE it or me , U CAN click my advertisement in the left sidebar – DONATE ME 🙂

THANK YOU AGAİN and again 😉

*** Konu Çeviri olunca hemen yanımda biten, hazırlık görmüş bünyeme rağmen, bu işe el atmayıp işin gerçek sahibine kapımı açtığım, haliyle yayın kısmında da çokca emeği geçen güzel insan “AYFER PALA” ya çok ama çok Teşekkürler 🙂
Translated By Ayfer PALA

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wow, looks good to me! I will check it out!


Just downloaded it. Sounds like a cool idea.


very interesting.
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Very nice plugins 🙂
Veryy god tasarım =)
Veryy nice iş 🙂
Veryy much muck mujuk 😀

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It’s my pleasure Vince, if u wanna ask some question, u can send me it! Be care 😉


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